Protect Hair From Damage Due To Pollution

Pollution is the major cause for many problems like ill-health, skin allergies e.t.c., not only these it also causes major effect to the hair. Every person dreams of looking perfect in all the aspects. Hair plays a major role in giving a perfect appearance to the person, So we have to take care of our hair from the pollution. Just we need to follow some precautions and methods to protect our hair from damage due to the pollution. The following are the major damage caused to the hair due to pollution.

  • Hair becomes rough and lifeless
  • Lot of hair fall
  • Dandruff

The above are the major hair problems that we are facing due to the pollution. Some precautions are listed below to protect our hair from pollution:

Precautions for protecting hair from pollution:

  1. Use a scarf or hat: Always cover your hair before stepping out of the house. The sun and pollution damages the outer cuticles of the hair which leads to dryness and dullness. Hence, it is better to cover our hair with scarf or hat to protect it.
  2. Never go out with oily and wet hair: Don’t leave oil on your hair for more time, because the oily hair absorbs the dust.These dust particles sticks to the hair which leads to hair fall.
  3. Never go out with a loose hair: Tie your hair before leaving because the loose hair gets more damaged due to pollution. It leads to rough and unhealthy hair. So, it is preferable to tie your hair as a pony tail or in the form bun.
  4. Wash your hair regularly: The hair should be washed regularly to get rid of the dirt on the hair. If we neglect to wash the hair regularly, the dirt remains on the hair and causes hair fall and dryness
  5. Use sunscreen: Not only the skin, your hair also requires protection from sun. So, spray some sunscreen before stepping out as it will protects the hair from getting damaged.
  6. Steam your hair: Give your hair some steam treatment at least once a week. Wet a towel with warm water, squeeze out excess water and wrap it around your hair until it starts to cool. Repeat the process one more time. Do it only after you have washed your hair. This process makes the roots of hair strong and removes the dirt from the pores.
  7. Increase your protein intake: Foods like fish, yogurt, milk, leafy vegetables, nuts and fresh fruits should be included in the diet. Protein based food helps to maintain the hair health.

We can protect our hair with the above methods. In the present days we have to take a minimum care to protect our hair and skin from the pollution.

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